My wife and I spend three months of each winter in Marbella, Spain and also visit Mexico. I decided our experience would be greatly enhanced if I could speak Spanish. Cesar was an excellent teacher, pushing you to speak Spanish as much as possible in addition to teaching the vocabulary and grammar. My wife also took lessons and so is my daughter who is an immigration lawyer in Palo Alto, California.

Cesar made learning Spanish enjoyable and we would still be with him if we had not moved to Vancouver.

Colin B. - Vancouver, BC

I decided to learn Spanish for travel, exploring other cultures and to boost my memory. I found TLC online while searching for a Spanish instructor, who was experienced and available for at-home lessons.Contacting TLC was one of the best decisions I've ever made!Cesar works with his students through Spanish conversation and his very own lesson book.He encourages his students, works with them at their own pace and praises them when they get it right.

He is reliable, personable and a fantastic instructor.

Sue L. - Oakville, Ontario

César is a truly gifted teacher! It is relatively easy to teach someone the beginning skills for language acquisition - and César does that with ease, humour and gentle coaxing. It is much more difficult to truly help someone acquire facility in a new language, formed not only by a solid linguistic capacity, but deepened by a cultural resonance for what it means to give expression and actually inhabit another language. Learning another language is, in some ways, a psychological undertaking since it requires emotional as well as intellectual work. César understands this very well. He has incredible patience and a real commitment to learning together how to best learn!

I have loved learning with and from César. I can recommend him unequivocally!

Barbara W. - Toronto, Ontario

"I had studied Spanish off and on for several years, but didn't seem to be making much progress in comprehension. Thanks to Cesar's down-to-earth, fun approach to language, my comprehension has improved immensely. Learning is a lot easier when you're having fun doing it, and Cesar makes sure of that."

Chris Z. - Mississauga, Ontario

Language learning doesn't get much better or more fun than with Cesar. Lessons are crafted from experience with how people learn, with intuitive changes made to suit the student's needs and style. Confidence building is the art of teaching, and Cesar reflects this in every lesson. I can't imagine a better experience.

J.P. R. - Toronto, Ontario