Q: What’s so special about you as an instructor?

A: If all my years of experience have taught me something, it is that in order to learn, a person needs to enjoy the subject, have a good rapport with the instructor and be totally at ease with the whole process. I am always aware of these things and try to abide by them. I make my classes fun, efficient and stress-free.

Q: What is your teaching methodology?

A: I believe in setting up a good, solid foundation on which to build knowledge and confidence to speak and understand Spanish. Because of that solid foundation, no crumbling will occur and each grammatical step will be easier to understand. Pronunciation must be the first step. Usage of verbs comes a close second. Learning other grammatical elements (no one, really, likes to hear much about grammar) is the final stage. Put it all together and you will be speaking good Spanish with confidence.

Q: How long should it take to become fluent in Spanish?

A: Everybody wants to know this, but I am afraid there is no definitive answer. At least, no answer that any instructor will guarantee (beware of anyone who “guarantees” you will be speaking in two or three weeks...!). My reasoning is very simple: It depends on several factors:

  • How much time you have to invest in studying. My one-on-one classes are two hours long. I recommend them once a week. My on-line sessions are one hour long and I also recommend them once a week. The issue that matters is how much time you have or are willing to invest between classes. Activities such as exercises, TV, radio, etc. are extremely helpful in speeding up your learning.
  • Lastly, your motivation. Are you learning because you want to or because you have to? This is a big factor. Even if you have to learn it, do your best to enjoy it, have fun with it.

How involved you are with the Spanish-speaking community. Do you have a relationship with someone who speaks Spanish? Do you work in a job that requires Spanish? Are you into the “Latino scene” in your city? If you do, take advantage of that and practice whatever you have learned (even a “buenos días” instead of “good morning” will make a difference).

Whether or not you already speak more than one language. If Spanish is your third language, you will find it much easier and faster to learn.

Q: What happens if you see that I am not learning or learning too slowly?

A: Our course does not follow “a book”. I have created “point-form” notes that are simple and modifiable. With feedback from the students and our observations, we can customize the content to fit your level and type of learning.

Q: Why should I choose Torreblanca Language Consulting over any other?

A: You MUST choose whoever you feel the most comfortable with. You will spend many hours with this person and you will waste time and money if you don’t like her/him.

TLC's mission is:

"To assist people who wish to enhance their communications skills by conversing fluently in a language other than their own".

We know how to achieve this. We offer a superior level of client service. A client's file is never closed. The relationship will continue for as long as the client wishes to maintain contact.