I was born in Peru. I came to Canada about 40 years ago and have been living in Ontario but visiting my family and taking friends to Peru ever since.

After completing engineering and computer systems studies, I worked in those two fields for about 18 years. While working in Northern Ontario, one of my co-workers asked me to teach him before he went to Lima on a holiday. This opened up a new world for me. He claimed that "I had the knack" to make myself understood and that I took great pride in speaking properly, both imperative requirements to be a great instructor. In 1999 I decided that teaching Spanish was what I was meant to do and have been doing it full time since then. I consider myself lucky to earn a living doing what I love.

Although not "officially" educated as an instructor, (i.e. paid a lot of money to some institution to give me a paper saying that I sat in their class learning what I already knew), I developed a complete course to teach Spanish from beginner level to fluency. I know my system works because I have seen so many of my students take huge steps toward speaking Spanish fluently (you can take a look at my “Testimonials” page, if you want to read more on this...).

So... there you have it. I love to teach Spanish, that is how I earn a living and I can teach you to speak Spanish.

César T.