Using SER and ESTAR

Dispelling the myths on how to use SER and ESTAR properly

The difference between SER and ESTAR is a concept that does not exist in English. Thus, it may become one of the most difficult hurdles that anyone learning Spanish must overcome.

Based on innumerable cases of students learning Spanish and receiving and analyzing feedback from them, I have come up with a no non-sense way to actually, establish the criteria that determines which verb is to be used based on the situation at hand.

A sigh of relief is felt by everyone who takes me up on my offer...!

Cesar Torreblanca
Cesar Torreblanca
Director and Senior Instructor

About the instructor

Cesar's passion in life is Spanish. He teaches Spanish, he translates into and from Spanish, he considers Spanish his second nature. And it shows when people deal with him.

Born in Lima, Peru, Cesar has been teaching Spanish in Canada for over 20 years and he has come to learn, understand and ease all hurdles encountered by people when learning Spanish.

Let him be your guide and enjoy the trip towards fluency...!

What others have been saying about this course:

Juan Carlos Eysseric

great course

this is awesome, i love the course. Again my viewpoint is from having done the course and see this one as a refresher. it is very well done and very interesting. if i may, two things i would have for you is when you drop down the conditions on...

Cecilia Bax

What a useful course!

This course helped clarify Ser Y Estar and I will use what I have learned when traveling.

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